donkyFliP's Collection of Live Recordings By:

Eric Johnson

Format: (1) Date YYYY.MM.DD (2) Title (3) Source Media (4) Venue (5) Location (6) Special Notes (8) Track List (9) Length of show/material as recorded on audio tape.

This list is current as of: July 10, 1999

vinyl.gif = Vinyl cd.gif = Compact Disc tape.gif = Cassette video.gif = Video dvd.gif = DVD

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0000.00.00 Mariani tape.gif date & location unknown
Searching for a New Dimension, Baby I Want to Sing the Blues, Things are Changed, Lord I Just Can't Help Myself, The Unknown Path, Euphoria, Message, Windy Planet [1 @ 45]

0000.00.00 Seven Wonders tape.gif date & location unknown
Zap, Every Little Thing You Do, I Promise I Will Try, Parade, I am the One, Bonus: Minstrel Gigalo (w/ Christopher Cross) [1 @ 30]

0000.00.00 Tribute to Jimi tape.gif Tribute to Jimi (various live shows)
One Rainy Night, Love or Confusion, Third Stone From the Sun, Little Wing, Are You Experienced [1 @ 30]

1981.00.00 My Skins tape.gif location unknown 1981 [1 @ 90]

1984.00.00 Austin City Limits tape.gif video.gif Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas
Manhattan, Bristol Shore, Spanish Castle Magic [1 @ 20]

1986.05.18 Morse Code tape.gif Tempe, Arizona
[Accompanies Steve Morse]

1987.03.30 Costal Club tape.gif Coastal Club
Friends, One Rainy Night, Bristol Shore, Trademark, Instrumental, Desert Rose [1 @ 45]

1990.03.23 Local Licks Live tape.gif KBLJ-FM Local Lick Live Austin, Texas
Soulful Terrain, Freinds, Steve's Boogie, Trademark, Righteous, East West, Trail of Tears, Bristol Shore, Camel's Night Out, Desert Rose, High Landrons, We'll Find A Way Over That Mountain [1 @ 90]

1990.11.12 The Beach tape.gif Fort Lauderdale, Florida [1 @ 90]

1993.09.04 Spirit Festival tape.gif Spirit Festival Kansas City, Missouri
Stepping Out, Uptight, Trademark, World in Trouble, SRV, Righteous, The Wind Cries Mary, High Landrons, Cliffs of Dover [1 @ 45]

1996.12.09 Austin City Limits video.gif Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas
(aired Dec. 9, 1996) [1 @ 30]

1997.08.09 Bogart's tape.gif self-made Bogart's Cincinnati, Ohio [1 @ 90]

1997.09.06 Shibuya tape.gif Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan [1 @ 100]

1996.10.07 G3 on Rockline tape.gif Rockline Interview [Unofficial Rockline Archives]
[G3 is Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, & Joe Satriani]
SRV* (EJ), Surfing With the Alien (JS), The Crying Machine* (SV), Little Alligator (SV), Good to Me* (EJ), Blowfish (SV), Pavillion (EJ) [1 @ 90]

1996.10.24 G3 in Washington tape.gif Washington D.C.
[G3 is Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, & Joe Satriani]
(Steve Via) 8 songs unidentified, (Eric Johnson) Pavillion, Righteous, Camel's Night Out, Rock Me Baby, Zap, Manhattan, SRV, Cliffs of Dover, (Joe Satriani) ???, ???, Summer of Love, Band Intro, Crush of Love, ???, ???, Bass Solo -Star Spangled Banner-Star Trek Theme, ???, ??? (G3) I'm Going Down, Red House [2 @ 100]