donkyFliP's Collection of Live Recordings By:

The Goo Goo Dolls

Format: (1) Date YYYY.MM.DD (2) Title (3) Source Media (4) Venue (5) Location (6) Special Notes (8) Track List (9) Length of show/material as recorded on audio tape.

This list is current as of: July 10, 1999

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1990.00.00 Small Club tape.gif Small Club, Buffalo, New York 1990
My Girl, Torn Apart, Livin' in a Hut [10-12 minutes]

1991.02.00 Fast Lanes tape.gif Fast Lanes - Asbury Park, New Jersey
Hey, Just the Way You Are, Different Lights, Up Yours, Laughing, Had Enough, You Know What I Mean, Torn Apart, On Your Side, There You Are, Two Days In February, James Dean, Out of Sight, Million Miles Away, No Way Out, I'm Addicted, Never Take the Place of Your Man, Livin' in a Hut, Love Hurts, Suspicious Minds, 70's Heavy Metal Set, Don't Fear The Reaper [1 @ 90]

1995.10.07 Rochester tape.gif Rochester, New York
Lucky Star, Don't Change [10 minutes]

1996.00.00 Unknown tape.gif Westwood One Radio - date & location unknown
Naked, Impersonality, Name [15 minutes]

1996.00.00 Hard Rock tape.gif Westwood One Radio - Hard Rock, Las Vegas, Nevada
Hey, Slave Girl, Name, Flat Top [20 minutes]

1996.04.04 Z-103 Interview tape.gif Z-103 Interview Lexington, Kentucky
Short Interview with local DJ before show and an acoustic version of the song "Name" [20 minutes]

1996.04.04 Dis-RUPP-tion tape.gif self-made Rupp Arena Lexington, Kentucky
[Opening act for Bush] Naked, Impersonality, Fallin' Down, Burning Up, Eyes Wide Open, Long Way Home, Only One, Hey, Slave Girl, Name, Flat Top [1 @ 45]

1996.04.13 Buffalo tape.gif Buffalo, New York
Naked, Impersonality, Fallin Down, Burning Up, Eyes Wide Open,Long Way Down, Only One, Hey, Name, Flat Top [1 @ 45]

1996.08.24 Kentucky State Fair tape.gif self-made, Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, Kentucky
[Opening act for Gin Blossoms] Naked, Burning Up, Fallin' Down, Million Miles Away, Lucky Star, Impersonality, Eyes Wide Open, Long Way Down, Only One, We Are the Normal, Somethin' Bad, Another Second Time Around, Disconnected, Name, Flat Top [1 @ 90]

1996.04.00 Spring Break video.gif Mtv Spring Break in Daytona 1996
Naked, Name [8 minutes]

1998.10.19 Goo Goo Dolls tape.gif Rockline Interview [Unofficial Rockline Archives]
Slide, Dizzy, Name, Amigone, Long Way Down, We Are Normal, Broadway, Black Balloon [1 @ 90]