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Soul Asylum

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This list is current as of: July 10, 1999

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1997.12.17 O'Jeezs & Pirner, Dave tape.gif Lynagh's Music Emporium, Lex., KY.
[Dave Pirner is the lead singer for Soul Asylum] [1 @ 90]

1981.00.00 Loud Fast Rules Demos tape.gif Demos 1981
[Loud Fast Rules was the name used before Soul Asylum]
Job for Me, Nowhere to Go, Cocktails, Your CLock, Black-n-Blue, Out of Style [1 @ 30]

1992.00.00 KFAI Interview tape.gif
Interview, Dead Flowers, Interview, Ramblin Rose, Femme Fatale, Interview, Day After Day [1 @ 45]

1985.10.15 Seventh Street tape.gif 7th ST. Entry, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tied to the Tracks, To Go There, Ship of Fools, Whoa!, Lone Rider, Mode to Be Broken, Can't Go Back, Looking For Love, The Snake, Never Really Been, Long Way Home, Right Inside Your Head, Tell Me Why, Growing Pain, Shear Heart Attack [1 @ 45]

1985.12.00 Minneapolis tape.gif Minneapolis, Minnesota [1 @ 50]

1988.01.13 The Siberia tape.gif The Siberia, New York
Sun Don't Shine, Lonesome Me, Oooh La La, Never Really Been, Another World - Another Day, Lonesome Day, Cartoon, Ship of Fools, P-9, No Expression, The Joker, Hoot Medley (American Pie, Delta Dawn, Wildfire, Black Water, Afternoon Delight, One Toke Over the Line, Amazing Grace, The Gambler, Another Somebody Done Wrong, The One I Love, Renegade, Rock-n-Roll Over, Luke, Deliverance) [1 @ 50]

1988.03.12 Hamburg tape.gif Kir, Hamburg, Germany
Closer to the Stars, Cartoon, Standing in the Doorway, Move Over, Little too Clean, Sometime to Return, Freaks, Another World - Another Day, Just Plain Evil, Can't Go Back, Marionette, Whoa!, Made to be Broken, Beggers and Choosers, Ode, Heavy Rotation [1 @ 50]

1988.06.24 Boston tape.gif Channel, Boston Massachusettes
Sometime to Return, Little too Clean, Closer to the Stars, Growin' Pain, Standing in the Doorway, Cartoon, Right Place - Wrong Time, Marionette, Beggers and Choosers, Ode, Never Really Been, Happy, Ship of Fools, Sonic Reducer, Sexual Healing, Freaks [1 @ 90]

1990.10.23 The Caboose tape.gif Caboose, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Spinning, Be On Your Way, Cartoon, Little too Clean, Easy Street, Nice Guys Don't Get Paid, Something Out of Nothing, Grounded, Veil of Tears, Sometime to Return, Gullible's Travels, To Sir With Love, Mewrcedez Benz, Standing in the Rain, Closer to the Stars [1 @ 90]

1991.00.00 Soul Asylum Interview tape.gif San Diego, California
Don't It, Amazing Grace, Do It Your Way, Every Man For Himself (Articles of Faith), Jane Says, Bad Moon Rising, Staying Alive, Dashboard Lights, Legend in Your Own Mind, Night Moves, Don't Bogart that Joint, One Toke Over the Line, Good Morning America, Rock-n-Roll Over [1 @ 50]

1991.07.03 Sprocket's tape.gif Sprocket's Milwalkee, Wisconsin
Never Really Been, New World, Some Obsessions, P-9, Straight Up, Wandering Eyes, We Three, Stranger, Grounded [1 @ 45]

1993.00.00 Westwood One Radio tape.gif Westwood One radio broadcast - date and venue unknown
Without a Trace, Get On Out, Black Gold, Run Away Train, Lost My Mind, Someone to Shove, April Fool, Sexual Healing, 99 Percent [1 @ 45]

1995.08.21 No Substitute for Fun tape.gif self-made, Louisville Gardens, Kentucky
[Headliner, with Matthew Sweet and the Jayhawks - See other entries] Hopes Up, Somebody to Shove, Shut Up, Bittersweetheart, Blackgold, Eye of a Child, Promises Broken, Nothing to Write Home About, Misery, String of Pearls, Tell Me When, Runaway Train, Get on Out, 99 Percent, I Want to Know, Crawl, Caged Rat, Just Like Anyone, You are My Sunshine, Summer of Drugs, Rhinestone Cowboy [1 @ 100]

1995.00.00 Mtv Unplugged video.gif
Runaway Train, Get On Out, Somebody to Shove, To Sir With Love, Blackgold, Without A Trace [1 @ 30]

1995.12.11 Rockline tape.gif Rockline Interview Dec. 11, 1995 [Unofficial Rockline Archives]
Broken Promises, String Of Pearls*, Blackgold*, Crawl, Hopes Up, Just Like Anyone, Fearless Leader*, Closer to the Stars* (* = Live) [1 @ 90]

1997.04.23 Tramps '97 tape.gif Tramps, New York
The Game, No Time, Draggin the Lake, Blood into Wine, Black Star, Misery, Losin' It, Creatures of Habit, Round the Corner, Just Like Anyone, Somebody to Shove, Lies of Hate, Candy from a Stranger [1 @ 60]

1998.00.00 Up Close Interview cd.gif Up Close Interview and Music
I Will Still Be Laughing, No Time for Waiting, New York Blackout, Runaway Train, Without a Trace, Somebody to Shove, Black Gold, Misery, Bittersweet, Just Like Anyone, Close [1 @ 90]

1998.05.00 Tramps '98 tape.gif Tramps, New York
Interview, Still Laughing (Studio), Still Laughing, See You Later, Cradle Chain, Black Gold, Close, Creatures of Habit, Somebody to Shove, No Time for Waiting, Turning Blood into Wine, New World, New York Blackout, Lies of Hate [1 @ 60]