donkyFliP's Collection of Live Recordings By:

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Format: (1) Date YYYY.MM.DD (2) Title (3) Source Media (4) Venue (5) Location (6) Special Notes (8) Track List (9) Length of show/material as recorded on audio tape.

This list is current as of: July 10, 1999

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1998.00.00 Storyville tape.gif Westwood One radio broadcast - In Concert 1998 [1 @ 90]
[This band consists of remaining members of SRV's Double Trouble] Two Pronged Attack tape.gif Westwood One radio broadcast - Two Pronged Attack 1983 & 1985
(The Palace, Hollywood, CA. 1983) and (Dallas, Texas, 1985) [1 @ 90]

1984.08.17 Montreal tape.gif Montreal, Canada
Say What, Testify, Voodoo Chile, Things That I Used To Do, Honey Bee, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Cold Shot, Tin Pan Alley, Tell Me, Texas Flood, Wham, Stang's Swang, Lenny, Pride and Joy [1 @ 90]

1985.07.07 Chicago tape.gif Chicago, Illinois
Testify, Say What, Ain't Gonna Give Up On Love, Voodoo Chile, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Texas Flood, Come On, Pride and Joy [1 @ 45]

1985.07.15 Montreux tape.gif Montreaux, Switzerland
Mary Had A Little Lamb, Cold Shot, Ain't Gonna Give Up On Love, Don't Stop By The Creek Son, Pride and Joy, Tin Pan Alley [1 @ 45]

1986.00.00 Carnegie Hall tape.gif Westwood One radio broadcast - Carnegie Hall, New York [1 @ 90]

1990.08.00 Final Show tape.gif Alpine Valley, Colorado [final show]
Tightrope, The Things I Used to Be, Let Me Love You Baby, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Goin' Down, Cross Fire, Voodoo Chile [1 @ 60]