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Van Halen

Format: (1) Date YYYY.MM.DD (2) Title (3) Source Media (4) Venue (5) Location (6) Special Notes (8) Track List (9) Length of show/material as recorded on audio tape.

This list is current as of: July 10, 1999

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If you would like to know more about any of the shows below (or have information you would like to contribute - HINT: dates and/or track list information), feel free to send e-mail to me, Scott "donkyFliP" Johnston

If you are interested in making a trade with me, read this . . . Now & Then tape.gif Westwood One Radio - August 1989 & US Festival 1983
('89) One Way to Rock, Summer Nights, 5150, Panama, Best of Both Worlds, Love Walks In, Good Enough, Eruption 316, I Can't Drive 55, Ain't Talking About Love, ('83) Running With the Devil, Pretty Woman, You Really Got Me, Happy Trails [1 @ 90]

1992.00.00 Fresno tape.gif Westwood One Radio - Fresno, California 1992
Poundcake, Judgement Day, Spanked, Right Now, Why Can't This Be Love [1 @ 30]

1995.03.12 Jacksonville tape.gif Jacksonville Florida
The 7th Seal, Big Fat Money. Run Around, Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do, Amsterdam, When It's Love, Can't Stop Loving You [1 @ 45]

1996.10.21 The Greatest Hits Interview tape.gif broadcasted Oct. 21, 1996
History of the band, Dave Leaves, Sammy Leaves, Gary Cherone Joins [3 @ 45]

1998.03.12 Van Halen THREE tape.gif World Premier of "Three" [3 @ 45]

1998.05.11 Rockline tape.gif Interview May 11, 1998 [Unofficial Rockline Archives] [1 @ 90]

1998.07.21 Rockin' Riverbend tape.gif self-made Riverbend, Cincinnati, Ohio
Unchained, Without You, One I Want, Mean Street, When It's Love, Fire in the Hole, Why Can't This Be Love, Romeo's Delight, Alex's Drum Solo, Dreams, Humans Being, Somebody Get Me a Doctor, Year to the Day, Eddie's Guitar Solo, Year to the Day (reprise), Right Now, Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love, Josephina, Panama, Jump [3 @ 45]