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Format: (1) Date YYYY.MM.DD (2) Title (3) Source Media (4) Venue (5) Location (6) Special Notes (8) Track List (9) Length of show/material as recorded on audio tape.

This list is current as of: July 10, 1999

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0000.00.00 Stellar Attraction tape.gif date & venue unknown
Sound Chaser, Closer to the Edge, To Be Over, And You and I, The Gates of Delirium, Roundabout (filler: Circus of Heaven) [1 @ 90]

1971.07.24 Perceptual Change tape.gif Yale Bowl, New Haven, Connecticut
Yours is No Disgrace, Your Move, I've Seen All Good People, The Clap, Classical Gas, Perpetual Change [1 @ 60]

1974.02.28 Complete Tales tape.gif Detroit, Michigan
The Revealing, Science of God, The Remembering, The Ancient, Ritual [1 @ 90]

1976.06.17 Roosevelt Stadium tape.gif Roosevelt Stadium, New Jersey
Siberian Khatru, Sound Chaser, Your Move, I've Seen All Good People, The Gates of Delirium, Long Distance Runaround, Patrick Moraz Solo, The Clap, Jon Anderson Solo, Heart of the Sunrise, Ritual, Roundabout, I'm Down, Sweet Dream (BBC 1969), No Experience Necessary (Nov. 69)[2 @ 90]

1991.06.29 Wembley tape.gif Westwood One radio broadcast - Wembley, London, U.K.
Rhythm of Love, Hold On, Heart of the Sunrise, Aim High (shoot low), Owner of a Lonely Heart, Big Generator, Changes, And You And I, Starship Trooper [1 @ 90] Distant Times & Places tape.gif Wembley 1991 and Los Angeles Nov. 27, 1996
(1991) Rythem of Love, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Heart of the the Sunrise, And You And I, (1996) Look for America, All Good People, Round About, Starship Trooper [1 @ 90]