Roger Waters - On Tour 1999

Concert at Chastain Park has been moved to Lakewood Amphitheater

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 07:12:07 -0400

I (Carter E. Broome) received a call Saturday from Atlanta's Chastain Park ticket office. The final stop on the tour, August 22 is being moved from the Chastain site to the Lakewood Ampitheatre. The reason: Roger's screen will not fit in the original venue! This will be a logistical nightmare as ALL ticket buyers (which does not always translate to ticket holders as tickets change hands as they must locate all ticket buyers and give them the choice of a new ticket at Lakewood or a refund. The Chastain people will then need to purchase a block of however many ticket exchanges they need (up to 7,000) and then arrange for the ticket holders to make a ticket exchange.     = :  o

The ticket people are confident that ticket holders will receive comparable seats at Lakewood and this will all be done before the remaining seats (Lakewood is a larger facility) go on sale to the general public. The lady I spoke with says she has never before seen the ticket demand she has seen for "Waters".

Anyway, thought you would like to know

Take care,

Carter E. Broome

Reprinted with permission.

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