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Driving Directions for Baltimore Arena

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 99 15:29:14 EDT

Little Stevie Bennett on the hassles of venue changing:

" I am going to have to take off on monday, drive up to Balitmore, find the Pier 6 location because I have never been there."

Pier 6 is on the Inner Harbor, pretty much next to The Power Plant (if you miss the Power Plant you need to get your eyes checked). Not sure if the parking lot for Pier 6 will be available when there isn't an event, but there are plenty of garages on Pratt St. Whether you're coming from 95 or 295, getting to the Inner Harbor area is easy:

From 95: take exit for 395 (goes only one way)
Pass MLK Blvd. exit and continue straight to second light.
Turn Right on Pratt Street.
As you pass Inner Harbor (on the right) there is a garage at Pratt and Gay (on left) that is across from Pier 6.

From 295: 295 becomes Russell St. when you hit Baltimore.
Pass Camden Yards Stadium (on right) and take first right onPratt.
Then follow same as above.

Take care,

Jeffrey Mewbourn

Here is a map of Baltimore send to me by lisle. I am assuming that the RED STAR in the center of the image is Baltimore Arena.

Map of Baltimore

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