Milwaukee Hotel Information

OK, for all that are interested, I have created a little sheet of clickable sites to get you Hotel & Motels info for Milwaukee. Remember to book early. Summertime is festival time in Milwaukee, so you will run into fully booked hotels already!! Since the Roger Waters show is happening on Friday night, they will conflict with major festivals down the road at the Summerfest grounds (German Fest) and other church fests. To make matters worse for the Roger Waters show, it's the annual NML insurance agent meetings starting that Saturday. You have been forewarned.

Very nice list of the major ones downtown & recommended by the city for tourists.

In case you don't have your Rand & McNally atlas handy, here are two maps on the www courtesy of the Avis website. You have to read their agreement first...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - vicinity map (use the jpeg versions)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - downtown street map (use the jpeg versions)

First is a nice little map of downtown to show you where you are going. Stay with the freeway loop of downtown for the best lodging. The area just west of downtown is not always safe... The Auditorium is next to the Bradley Center (middle of map)

The second one is a larger view of the area. Now you can see the major routes and hotel / motel areas for the airport, downtown, far west side (Zoo), and up by me (north east) in WF Bay.

Use MapQuest for better details of the area. See my other postings for the driving directions becauseMapQuest can be confusing for exits to the downtown sites.

Happy hunting!

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