Pink Floyd Radio Broadcasts and Interviews

Below is a list of Pink Floyd interview & radio programs I have collected.

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Radio Broadcasts & Interviews:

This list is current as of January 1, 2001.

vinyl.gif = Vinyl cd.gif = Compact Disc tape.gif = Cassette video.gif = Video dvd.gif = DVD

66.00.00 CBC Interview tape.gif Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, & Nick Mason
From the Stoned Alone Roio [10 minutes]
67.01.20 Underground Scene tape.gif Paul McCartney [2 minutes]
67.05.14 Look of the Week video.gif Queen Elizabeth Hall, UK
Pow R. Toc H., Hans Keller, Astronomy Domine, Interview [8 min.]
69.03.00 Conversation Series cd.gif Mastertone 8034 Interviews
Two student interviews with the Pink Floyd; one from Blackpool College (March, 69), second from New York (Sept., 70) [1 @ 60]
70.or.71 Peter Jenner, David Gilmour, Nick Mason tape.gif
From the Stoned Alone Roio [12 minutes]
72.06.00 Roger "the hat" Interview tape.gif Roger Waters' Interview
Interview with the roadie Roger "the hat" about the DSotM [8 minutes]
80.00.00 Innerview tape.gif Jim Ladd interviews Roger Waters
Roger discusses the making of the movie The Wall [1 @ 90]
81.00.00 Interview with Nick Mason tape.gif
Recorded from the record "There's Somebody Out There" [25 mins]
84.06.21 Interview with Roger Waters tape.gif
Interviewed by Nina Blackwood for M-tv [23 mins]
84.16.84 Interview with Roger Waters tape.gif
Interviewed by WHCN Hartford, Connecticut, contain live version of the Gunner's Dream from (84.06.27) [11 mins]
86.00.00 Interview with Nick Mason tape.gif London
Recorded from the record "There's Somebody Out There" [25 mins]
87.00.00 Unknown tape.gif Roger Waters
Roger talks about upcoming +/- of HH tour and stage design with a female ?? incomplete [7 minutes]
87.08.05 Press Conference tape.gif Roger Waters Roger Discusses Radio KAOS
Include the tracks: Radio Waves, Powers that Be, Too Much Information, Sunset Strip, Money (live) [1 @ 45]
88.00.00 Off the Record tape.gif Westwood One Interviews
Two short interview with Roger Waters, and third with Gilmour and Mason about Momentary Lapse of Reason, DSotM and more [1 @ 60]
88.08.08 In the Studio: DSotM tape.gif Redbeard interviews Gilmour
Breathe, Time, Breathe (R), Us & Them, Money, Brain Damage [50 mins]
90.07.21 The Berlin Wall Concert tape.gif Original Radio Broadcast
[NOT the cd version] Preshow interviews with Scorpions, Joni Mitchelle, Bryan Adams, Roger Waters. In the Flesh, *CONCERT STOPPED DUE TO PROBLEM*, Thin Ice, ABitW-1, Best Years, ABitW-2, Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky, What Shall We Do Now, Young Lust, One of My Turns, Don't Leave Me Now, Empty Spaces, ABitW-3, Goodbye Cruel World, Hey You, Anybody out There, Nobody Home, Vera, BtBBH, CN, In the Flesh, Run Like Hell, Waiting for the Worms, Stop, The Trial, Outside the Wall, Tide is Turning, Band Introduction, Postshow Commentary [2 @ 90]
92.06.11 Pop Interview tape.gif Roger Waters from Munich, Germany [20 mins]
92.11.24 Rockline Interview tape.gif David Gilmour and Nick Mason
They talk about the Shine On box set, and the making of the various cds that are included. Learning to Fly, CN, One Slip, OoTD, Time, WYWH On the Turning Away, Dogs of War [1 @ 90]
93.00.00 In the Studio (Part 1 and Part 2) - tape.gif David Gilmour and Nick Mason
They talk about the Shine On box set, and the cds that are included. Echoes, Money, Us & Them, Have a Cigar, WYWH, Pigs (Three Different Ones), Happiest Days, ABitW, Hey You, CN, Run Like Hell, Dogs of War, Learning to Fly, On the Turning Away [2 @ 60 or 3 @ 45]
94.03.30 The Album Networktape.gif Interview and World Premier of The Division Bell, with David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright. Parts of the show are broadcast live from Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida with band playing LIVE in the background [2 @ 60]
95.06.01 World Premier of PULSE tape.gif Interview with David and Nick about the Division Bell Tour and the making of PULSE (songs cut) [1 @ 45]
96.12.09 WRIF Interview with Rick Wright tape.gif
Radio dj talks with Rick about Broken China and the Pink Floyd [1 @ 10]
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