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Which One's Pink? Syd - Dave - Nick - Roger - Rick

What is a RoLO?

RoLOs are Recordings of Legitimate Origins. That means, a record company legitimately released these items into the commercial market. These items are not to be duplicated due to copyright protection. I respect copyright laws, so do DO NOT even think about asking me to make copies of these items. Instead, just go to your local record/cd/tape store and order or purchase a copy for yourself. THANKS . . .

If you do not believe me, read this . . .

The list below contains the Pink Floyd Solo recordings that I have in my collection.

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SOLO RoLOs - Recordings of Legitimate Origins

This listing is current as of: January 15, 1998

vinyl.gif = Vinyl cd.gif = Compact Disc tape.gif = Cassette video.gif = Video dvd.gif = DVD

Syd Barrett:
David Gilmour:
Nick Mason:
Roger Waters:
Richard Wright:
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For more information regarding any of the items mentioned above, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address Scott "donkyFliP" Johnston . You can also obtain more information, including reviews by other Echoesians, from the RoIO_LP, RoIO_CD, and RoLO databases at or you can visit Herwig's Roio Database.