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What is a Trance Remix ?
A trance remix is sort of like a tribute album. Someone has taken the songs that were originally released by an artist (e.g., Pink Floyd) and remixed them. These remixed version of the songs are often very long and exotic, with only slight remnants of the original material left in them. Some people think these "tributes" are just a bunch of crap, and should be destroyed. Others get a kick out of hearing someone else's re-interpretation of some great songs. You'll have to hear them for yourself to be the judge.

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Pink Floyd Trance Remix

This listing is current as of: July 18, 2000

vinyl.gif = Vinyl cd.gif = Compact Disc tape.gif = Cassette video.gif = Video dvd.gif = DVD

Meddle Trance Remix cd.gif
One of These Days, Fearless, San Tropez, Seamus
Dark Side of the Moon Trance Remix cd.gif
On The Run, Time, Breathe (R), GGitS, Money, Us & Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse
Wish You Were Here Trance Remix cd.gif Mixed by Trent Reznor and The Orb (?)
SOYCD (Fluffy Cloud Version), WttM (New Age Version), Have a Cigar (Take a Joint Version), WYWH (Atmosfear Version), SOYCD (Part 2 of a Journey into Your Brain)
Momentary Lapse of Reason Trance Remix cd.gif
Signs of Life, Learning to Fly, Dogs of War, One Slip, On the Turning Away, Yet Another Movie, Round and Around, New Machine (pt 1), Terminal Frost, New Machine (pt 2), Sorrow
Division Bell Trance Remix cd.gif
Cluster One, What Do You Want From Me?, Poles Apart, Marooned, A Great Day For Freedom, Wearing the Inside Out, Take it Back, Keep Talking, High Hopes
Welcome to the Remix tape.gif
Megamix Twenty-One, Another Brick (Dance Mix), Another Brick (US Mix) Money, Welcome to the Machine, Wish You Were Here [1 @ 90]

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