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What is a RoIO? It is a Recording of Illegitimate Origins. That is, a RoIO is a recording of a band or artist that was not officially released by the band/artist or their recording company. In most cases, RoIOs refer to "LIVE" recordings, but they are not limited to such. Recordings that have been officially released are referred to RoLOs (Recordings of Legitimate Origins).

I have installed several links to my collection of "live" recordings.
As you can see, my main interest is in collecting shows by Pink Floyd.
Click on any of the links below to take you where you want to go.

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I also have lots of recordings of Other Band's Live Performances.

Some of the other bands that I like to collect are:

Black Crowes Bush Candlebox Collective Soul
Gin Blossoms Goo Goo Dolls Guns N' Roses Eric Johnson
Meat Puppets Pearl Jam Porcupine Tree Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Smashing Pumpkins Soul Asylum Stone Temple Pilots Stevie Ray Vaughn
Van Halen Yes

The real story behind the Atom Heart Mother!

Have you ever wondered how Pink Floyd came up with the name for their album Atom Heart Mother??? Well, if you want to read the newspaper article that lead to the title, then click HERE .

Roger Waters - In the Flesh Tour Information
Roger Waters - On Tour 1999

Did you go see Roger Waters in concert during his Summer 1999 tour?
What about during his Summer 2000 tour?
Are you interested in meeting other people that also attended a show?
Want to find out about all the pre-concert and post-concert gatherings that happened?
Then you need to check out the Meet Me - In the Flesh website

Although these concerts have all come and gone, the website still contains all information concert-goers need to know about the places to stay, how to get to the venues, venue seating charts, what else there is to do, and other interesting tidbits? If your planning to go to any concert, you should check out the website. You will be glad you did.

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More changes are in the works...

What I'm interested in:

  • Pink Floyd
    I like to collect tapes and cdrs from concerts, especially Pink Floyd.
    If you are interested in trading tapes or cdrs with me,
    please read through my roio trading guidlines.

My favourite links:

  • PF Listserv: Echoes - An e-mail discussion group for all things floydian.

  • PF Roio Database - List of all Pink Floyd's cd and lp roios (maintained by Herwig Henseler).
  • PF Archives - Documents the history of Pink Floyd (maintained by Vernon Fitch)
  • A Fleeting Glimpse - An awsome Pink Floyd site by the original Aussie COD.
  • PF Fan Network - Find Pink Floyd's song lyrics, discography, interviews, new articles and much more.
  • PF RoIO Artwork - An ever growing collection of high quality Pink Floyd RoIO artwork images.

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